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A Wonderland - Jiuzhaigou Valley

    When the passing of time crushed the annual rings of old-fashioned memories and the earth became more and more unproductive, people have begun to return to Nature, looking for a green and blue dreamy world, a fantastic fairyland.
    If we say there is really a fairyland , it is Jiuzhaigou valley.
    It is said that a long time ago, the warlike Dage ground a magic mirror with wind and cloud and presented it to his beloved Goddess Wunosemo. Thanks to the meddling of a devil, she dropped the mirror and it broke into pieces, falling to the human world, and became 114 glittering lakes. As a result, on earth there came into being a dreamy fairyland, Jiuzhaigou Valley.
    This is a sacred land with the best scenic spots and glorious views: a fairyland, primitive and natural, without a single drop of dirt, where majestic and unrivalled emerald lakes, layer upon layer of waterfalls, colorful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan folkways get along swinningly with each other, forming a perfection of itself.
    'He who returns from the Yellow Mountain wont see mountains. He who returns from Jiuzhaigou wont see waters.' The spirits of Jiuzhaigou are waters, lakes, springs, waterfalls, streams, rivers and shoals. Merging into one, some fly in motion, others are quiet and peaceful, still others temper force with mercy, giving you a colorful and magnificent view. With waterfalls mixed up high and low, the high roar loudly, the low murmur gently. There are also big and small lakes, blue and crystal clear. Reflected in the lake water are red leaves, green trees, snow peaks and blue sky, all upside down. They look panoramic and every step is a colour. Water flows between trees and trees grow in the water. Flowers on trees bloom in the centre of water.
    Covered with thick and fast-growing plants, the mountains in Jiuzhaigou are beautiful and fantastic. This is the very region where the southern and northern vegetations meet. Various species of broadleaf trees and conifer grow together, adding radiance and beauty to each other. In the dense forests dwell the giant panda, golden monkeys, white-lip deer, takin and other rare animals. It is a 'natural botanical and zoological garden.
    A group of industrious Tibetans work diligently, creating their own world of life. One can see fluttering streamers, running watermills, the slow-moving yaks, all melting between the queer mountains and rare waters, as well as the blue sky and white clouds. With sky and people merging into one, it makes one fly away as disembodied spirit and become a fairy immortal.
    Located in Nanping Country of Aba Tibet and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, over 400 kilometers south of Chengdu, this fantastic fairyland belongs to carbonate barrier lake landform with high mountains and deep valleys. A vast area of 60,000 hectares, it has a scenic area of 80 kilometers long with six marvelous spectacles, including the Long Lake, Sword Gully, Nuorilang Waterfall, Shuzhenggou Gully, Zarugou Gully and Black Lake. There are nine old Tibetan villages in the gorge, hence the name Jiuzhaigou Valley. The tourist area gas an elevation of 1980-3100 meters. Its average temperature in the coldest month(January) is 2.5 degrees Centigrade and that of the hottest month(July) 17 degrees Centigrade. It is a pleasant for travel throughout the year.
    Being in the depth of silence in luxuriant forests for hundreds of millions of years, this fairyland was accidentally discovered by some lumberneb in 1970s. It became the first batch of scenic area under special state protection in 1982. It became a state nature reserve in 1978. In the national appraisal of 40 best scenic areas, it was listed as the best new scenic area in 1990. It was admitted into 'World Natural Heritage List' in 1992 and became the precious wealth commonly owned by all mankind.
    Creator has not only granted Jiuzhaigou Dreamlike landscapes, but also decorated around it with four state-grade major scenic areas - the Yellow Dragon, Jianmen Ancient Pass, Mount Siguniang, Green City Mountain and Dujiangyan Irrigation Project --- and five nature reserves C Wolong, White River, Wanglang Tangjia River and Xiaozhaizi --- as well as other places of historical interest and scenic beauties like the Grasslands, Miyaluo, Calonggou Gully, Doutuanshan Mountain, Baoensi Monastery, Li Bais Former Residence, Shen Yus native place, Jiangwei City, and Diexi Lake. With so many scenic spots and places of historical interest linking up, a '' patterned grand tourist route has come into being. The only one of its kind in China, it can be rated as the No.1 'golden tourist route' in Southwest China.
    Green and blue dreams attract modern people. Fantastic landscapes have become Holyland of Nature thousands upon thousands of tourists paying homage to. Travelling in Sichuan is no longer a headache as it had been. There are routes leading to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu, Guangyuan, Jiangyou, Mianyang and Lanzhou. Facilities for food, lodging, tourism, shopping and recreation have been gradually perfected. The spring time of tourism to Jiuzhaigou is already surging high.


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