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Hailuogou Valley

Hailuogou Valley

    Hailuogou lies in the southeast of Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province,east slope of Mt. Gongga and is a skyscraping mountain in the east of Qinghai-Tibet Platean.Hailuogou Scenic Area is a low altitude modern oceanic glacier ,complete virgin forest as well as integrative scenic area consisting of boiling,hot,and cold springs in Asia,nearest to megapolis and easiest to get.

    Hailuogou glacier is also called No.1 Glacier.It is 14.7 km long and is the longest in the 71 glaciers of Mt. Gongga.It occupies an area of 16 with highest height of 6750 m and lowest 2850 m.It possesses 3 steps longitudinally:firn basin,the gestation place of glacier;icefall,500 to 1100 meters wide and 1080 high which is the highest and grandest icefall in China and gracier tongue which extends 6 km into the forest,forming strange scene of the coexistence of forest and galcier.The activity of Hailuogou Glacier is very strong.In the movement of glacier,there forms glacier circular arch,ice cavern,glacial staircase,ice gate,ice lake and serac which are as glittering and translucent as jade and crystal.
    Hailuogou is 'A ditch four seasons, different climate without ten Miles' climate characteristics, warm in winter, cool in summer, fewer clouds and more sunshine, the annual rainfall 2000mm. Four Seasons Hailuogou can travel from the landscape and climate conditions, is an ideal tourism, vacation, convalescence, mountain climbing, scientific exploration, adventure holidays.


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