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The Changping Gully

The Changping Gully

    The Changping Gully was developed earlier and is comparatively mature. It mainly consists of forests, valleys, and snowy mountains towering over valleys. It extends 29 km and covers an area of some 100 square km. The Four-Girl Mountain lies 16 km inside the gully. Only part of the roads are open to traffic and the rest are only suitable for people to walk or ride horses on.

    The alley to the Four-Girl Mountain through the Changping Gully is very narrow and winding. Coniferous forest, broadleaf forest, sub-forests, shrub wood, and weed clusters joggle together and exhibit their contrasting charms.

    In the Changping Gully, there are ancient cypresses, lama monasteries, dried haizi and a waterfall scores of meters high, all of which make the gully a tourist favorite. When crossing Changping Gully on horseback, passing through original forests, bestriding brooks, and surmounting the snow-covered mountains, tourists can eventually camp after a trip of six or seven hours.

    On the long trip, tourists can gradually adapt to the jolting of the horses and start to take more interest in the scenes along the gully. When tourists enter the forests, they step on soft and deep moss and fallen leaves, breathe the tangy fragrant and humid air, and hear birds singing. Negative oxygen is very abundant there and it is worthy of the name of a natural forest bathing place. The cypress forest along the mountain alleys hides the sky and sun, and it takes several people to surround each bulky trunk. At Erdaoping, the Four-Girl Mountain looms within the view of people.


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