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Haizi Gully

Haizi Gully

    The Haizi Gully derives its name from the fact that in the gully are a dozen alpine lakes including Huahaizi, Fohai, Baihai, Lanhai, and Huanghai. It extends 19.2 km and covers an area of 126.48 square km. Its entrance lies in Rilong Town, and is the most beautiful gully from the first to the third gullies of the Four-Girl Mountain. The scene there is completely different from that in Shuangqiao and Changping gullies.

    Gozhuangping and Chaoshanping in the first half mainly consist of plateau lawns and are the best places to view the Four-Girl Mountain and take a photo of the 'sunlight on the golden mountain.' Every year, on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, people of the Tibetan ethnic group will hold a grand worship ceremony there facing Four-Girl Mountain.

    The Haizi Gully contains a mysterious and beautiful group of plateau lakes. On the surrounding mountains, forests are thick and lush, water and soil are well preserved, and water sources are abundant. The water in the Haizi Gully is not polluted. There is a shady alley accessing the gully.

    Along with various mountain postures more than 10 haizi scattering in valleys and forests present various colors. Trees shadows and sunlight fallen down from forest gaps can reflect sometimes on lakes, and sometimes the water overflows on some large moss-covered stones. A kind of ancient fish without scales moves about in the lakes and can be seen clearly in the pure water, adding to the feeling of natural quiet and beauty.

    In the Four-Girl Mountain, it is rainy in summer, and the water run-off makes it hard to enter the Haizi Gully.


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