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Xiling Snow-capped Mountain

Xiling Snow-capped Mountain

    Chengdu Xiling Snow-capped-covered Mountain Skiing Resort renowned as the Oriental Alps, is presently a national-level scenic spot solely funded by Chengdu Xiling Snow-capped Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

    Since its opening on 31st March, 1998, the company with accumulated investment of more than 460million (yuan, RMB) has grown into the largest and best-equipped skiing resort as well as Snow-capped Park in China. It is also a well-equipped, large-scale grass-skiing ground as well as sports and entertainment ground on high mountain grass fields.
Guitan (Frog Pond) 
    Huashuiwan(Flower-waterBay), racing river blocked by stone, unites to form a water column (1 meter wide, 4 meters high) rushing downward rapidly into blue pond with 20m2 in area of the mountain wall. Three towering stones by the pond overlap in shape of a Chinese character'Ping'. One of stones is like a diving frog perching between the two stones. It seems as if the frog is about to dive into the blue pond. Tourists have to walk through a narrow chasm between the two stones before bursting upon the view of a hanging waterfall. It is 30 meters long, pouring into the hot spring which is refreshed cheerfully and then racing into the river.

Zhangziyan (Forest Musk Deer Cliff with a hanging waterfall) 
    It is a steep cliff with 30 meters in height and 100 meters in width. On top of cliff grows chaparral putting up a shelter for Forest Musk Deer to enjoy their amazing life. The waterfall (30m height, 2 m wide) rushes down from the top taking on a crystal ribbon look and darting the pond to spur the beautiful water drops. It joins like a water curtain. There is a cavity inside boasting about ten tourists; from here it seems as if you are put into a water curtain cave getting an eye-catching view.  

Jinhoufeng (Snub-nosed MonkeyPeak) 
    Atower of stone cliff, 100m long and bamboo-shoot shaped, stands out on the earth facing to stone forest. Just right on the top, your eyes must be enchanted by the fairy tale world surrounded by the floating clouds: spruce giant is making a stretch of its 'arms'; the playful nub-nosed Monkey is having a frolic.

Hongshijian (RedStonePeak) 
    It actually refers to three towering peaks, namely top red stone peak, middle red stone peak and lower red stone peak with altitude of 3,310 meters. They are composed of over 400 column-shape granites and pose so large varieties of gestures, such as, pen holder, hands, grinding tray, tigers, and monkeys that tourists feel as if they break into maze as passing through the peaks.

    Get a birds eye-view from lower place and tourists will find the lower red stone peak shapes like a huge stone column towering into sky, middle red stone peak like a disk stone and top red peak like a crouching turtle.

Yinyangjie (Ying-Yang Realm) 
    It is a ridge merely for two tourists walking shoulder to shoulder leading to shorter distance. Shorter as it is, but it forms the division between climates of Sichuan basin and that of Qinghai-Tibet plateau where warm wave from basin and cold wave from plateau joins and draws a distinctive realm between Yin and Yang. YinMountain lies in northwest to road compared with YangMountain in southeast. Moreover, the clear day in south and cloudy day in north helps to divide two realms.

Riyuetan (Sun-moon Lawn) 
    It lies between Yeniudao (Wild-cow Path) and Lujiao (Deer Antlers) with altitude 3250m. The marvellous view is that tourists can admire moon both in daytime and at night making the view shining with sun and moon,for this, it is called as 'Riyuetan'. Views keep changing rapidly with large varieties of gestures: from Sea of Clouds, a wall of fog, sunrise to Fuguang (Buddha Halo) with vivid reflection of 'Face off in Sichuan opera.

Yuanyangchi (Mandarin Duck Pond) 
    Located in the east of Riyueping (Sun Moon Lawn) with altitude of 2200 ~ 2400m, it covers a approximate area of 2.4711acres. It is said that swans wander on the lake and mandarian ducks play with water as well as wild duck in batches surrounded with its shadow and fancies the lake brings, which is sheerly a heaven-sent area for enjoying waterfowl.


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