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Diversified Scenic Areas Along Tourist Routes

Diversified Scenic Areas Along Tourist Routes
    Starting from Chengdu in the south, there are three tourist routes, east, central and west, reaching Jiuzhaigou in the north. An expanse of over 1,000 kilometers in length and breadth, diversified landscape areas are scattered along the tourist routes:
    Nenensangcuo means Fairy Pond. A winding path leading to a serene and secluded place, it is kept in a deep, hidden boudoir without the knowledge of people.
    The Yellow Dragon is known as Fairyland on Earth, where layer upon layer of colorful ponds glitter with red and green ripples, myriads of terraced waterfalls pour down like green jade and running gold. A flow of golden travertine eight kilometers long rushes down from the main peak of Minshan Mountain just like a yellow dragon rolling and roaring on and on. No wonder it is the most magnificent travertine spectacle throughout the world. Being developed simultaneously together with Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong was also admitted into World Natural Heritage List. They are named as unmatchable pair in Southwest China tourism.
Shaking heaven and earth, Zhaga Waterfall in Munigou Gully rushes down from a 104-meter-high mountain cliff. It is the biggest travertine waterfall in China.
Nuorgai Grassland is located at the firat of the nine bends of the Yellow River. Vast in the sky, boundless the wilds It is the very place the Red Army passed during the Long March.
    Kalonggou Gully, primitive and unaffected, has Chinas biggest glacial stone forests.
    The autumn reds of the mountains in Miyaluo entrance visitors. It is the biggest maple leaf scenic area in China.
    Known as Queen of Sichuan Mountain, Siguniang Mountain is covered with a vast expanse of white snow all the year around. Charming and graceful, it looks like a young maid and is called Eastern Alps. Its neighbor, Wolong Nature Reserve is now Chinas biggest natural base of species, where biological resources are the most completely preserved. It is already listed in the preserve network of Man and Biosphere by the United Nations Organization.
    Ancient Pass at Jianmen, with age-old dense and towering cypresses along the narrow winding corridor of 300 li, the place is strategically located and difficult of access. It is rated as Natural Barrier Under Heaven, hence the saying, One man in the pass, ten thousand cannot go by.
    In Doutuanshan Mountain, with verdant and luxuriant forests, towering and magnificent cliffs, you can see woodcutters and tillers entering and leaving the painted screen. The place is honoured as Fairy Mountain of Shu Kingdom.
    The Green City Mountain is one of Chinas four famous Taoist mountains. With undulating mountains covered with lush woods, there you can hear the tolling of bells from the distance, hence it is known as the most secluded place under heaven. Located at the foot of the mountain is Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. For thousands of years, to irrigate or not, water there has been under the control of man. It can be said as a wonder on earth.


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