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Fantastic Creation of Nature

Fantastic Creation of Nature    Some people say, Chinese culture rests with human life. Chinese human life lies in mountains and water. But perfect mountain and water exist in Jiuzhaigou. The landscapes of Jiuzhaigou are beyond description of words. One can only comprehend the true essence of Nature by going there in person.
    The main natural landscapes of Jiuzhaigou are located at Shuzheng, Rize and Zechawa three gullies.
    Entering the mountain gate, winding up against the crystal water, you enter Shuzhenggou Gully. With a length of 14.6 kilometers and reach directly to Nuorilang Waterfall, Centre of Jiuzhaigou, it is the main gully of Jiuzhaigou with over 70 lakes. At Shuzhenggou, lakes and waterfalls are scattered layer after layer, adding radiance to each other. There waters and trees live together, imposing and magnificent. It is a miniature and main landscape of Jiuzhaigou. The Reed Lake is a vast expanse of rivers and lakes. The red bottom of the Sparkling Lake makes its shimmering surface appear to emit sparks in sunny weather. Shuzheng Waterfall forms a fantastic spectacle with its flow of water being interrupted by ridges crisscrossing the gully, pines and cypresses growing in the rapids, layer upon layer. Wolong Lake has a cream-colored ridge of calcium carbonate on the bed. It ripples like a dragon ready to fly through the water. The water neither increases nor decreases throughout the year. With clear running water and undulating mountains, the Gully is green with life throughout the four seasons. In winter, lake water of high altitude still runs slowly, but at the lower reaches, the lower altitude Sparkling Lake is partially frozen. With snow, ice and water merging into one, yet with clear demarcation, it presents a magnificent view.
    The over 320-metre-wide Nuorilang Waterfall is so powerful that the cascade flies down roaring beyond the cliff face during its descent. Great in strength and impetus, it is the widest high mountain waterfall of the country and is often regarded as the main mark or symbol of Jiuzhaigou. From Nuorilang Waterfall eastward to Sword Cliff is Rizegou Gully; northward to the Long Lake is Zechawagou Gully.
    Rizegou Gully is nine kilometers long. With high mountain and deep gorge, it is the most touching and impressive gully of Jiuzhaigou. With trees and clouds and mists in the mountains reflected upside down, the Mirror Lake gives you an elegant and peaceful state of mind, hence the name garden of love. The Pearl shoal has a giant stone slope as the bed, while the water rushes down, it catches the sun and shines like myriad of pearls. The Pearl Waterfall has a width of 310 meters. As the water pours downward, you feel the earth is quaking and the mountain shaking. It is the most impetous and soul-stirring waterfall in Jiuzhaigou. In winter waterfall and icefall coexist. Glittering and crystal-clear, it is a rare view the world over. The Colorful Lake is gorgeous and colored. With the blue waters reflection of reds, purples, yellows and greens, it looks like a peacock spreading its tail. The Panda Lake and Arrow Bamboo Lake are places frequented by pandas. The Fragrant Grass Lake is a place swans like to play about.
    Zechawagou Gully is about 17.8 kilometers long. It is the longest and highest gorge of Jiuzhaigou. In spring, high mountain and grassy mashland are dotted with blooming flowers. In summer, seasonal lakes appear and disappear unexpectedly. In autumn, layer upon layer of forests are rich with colours. In winter, the gully is white with snow. As a result, landscapes vary with the change of seasons. At the end of the gully lies the Long Lake. Eight kilometers long and receiving a lot of springs and brooks, it is the largest lake in Jiuzhaigou. Deep and mysterious, in winter the air temperature never drops below 6 degrees Centigrade, but the water can freeze to a depth of 60 centimeters. The most beautiful lake in Jiuzhaigou is the Colorful Pond. Located in the deep forest, it is said that it was condensed from the fairries rouge, colorful and superb.


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